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Lip Tips

The Perfect Pout-101

You hear it all the time.  "Drink plenty of water", "stay hydrated", "add lots of high-water content to your diet", and on and on.  Aside from the obvious benefits, did you know that your lips love it???    Our lips need us, to take care care of them on a consistent basis!  Just think of all the abuse they take, and they never get a brake.  We lick them, bite them, suck them, twist them, smack them, peel them, let them get all dry, cracked and crusty.....whew!! When we're nervous or stressed we tend to lick them.....a lot.  Here's a news flash......saliva sucks and it's terrible for your lips too.  Saliva causes the skin on your lips to become cracked and dry.  The opposite of what you're trying to achieve.  Saliva can even darken the color of your lips!! 

So make a conscious effort, to use some good old common sense.  A little lip balm won't hurt either.  You'll have luscious lips in no time, and you're certainly in the right place, to show them off.  There's a shade with your name on it, and shipping is always included....FREE!!!




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